Financial Assistance

Affordable Banking

Australian banks believe that all Australians should have access to affordable banking services. Currently, some Australian banks offer ‘basic bank accounts’ that are suitable for disadvantaged and low-income customers.

A basic bank account is a transaction account that does not charge many of the standard bank fees other accounts typically do.

Centrecare – Gambling Help WA Financial Counselling

A Centrecare service for people experiencing the effects of financial hardship caused by problem gambling. Experiencing the effects of financial hardship caused by problem gambling can leave you and your family feeling powerless, stressed, depressed, anxious and isolated. You may feel that you have nowhere to turn and no one can help. By talking to a qualified financial counsellor you can work through the maze of confusion that can arise when a financial crisis looms.

Concessions WA

ConcessionsWA is an easy-to-use online resource where you can search by category, concession card type or people group to find details on more than 100 rebates, concessions and subsidy schemes provided by the Government of Western Australia.


Midland Information Debt and Legal Advocacy Service Inc (Midlas) is a not for profit community agency based in Midland that provides financial counselling, tenancy advocacy, disability advocacy and legal service to people throughout the north east region of Perth.

The Smith Family

When families are experiencing financial disadvantage children can fall behind with their learning, leaving them more vulnerable to experiencing hardship themselves later in the life. Access to support and resources forms the foundation for learning.

The Work Depot

The Work Depot offers help to anyone looking for work and can help with: resumes, cold calling, reverse marketing you to employers, mentoring and coaching, employment skill training, selection criteria, interview techniques, work experience, volunteering and much more.

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