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Best Beginnings

Best Beginnings is a home visiting service for families of new infants. It involves regular visits to your home by caring, trained professionals who provide support, advice, information, connections and practical help. The program is structured according to your needs. The aim is to improve child health and well-being, parent and family functioning and social support networks. Support can come from a range of professionals including nurses, teachers, social workers, and psychologists. You need to be referred to the program before birth or before your baby is 3 months old. You can continue in the program until your child is two years old.

Centre of Perinatal Excellence

The perinatal period (the period from conception to the first year following the birth of a baby) is the time in a woman’s life when she is most likely to develop mental health problems. Perinatal depression alone is currently the leading cause of maternal death in developed countries.  The cost of these conditions is significant – from a personal, social, developmental and economic standpoint.

COPE’s philosophy is that all women, men and families should have access to timely and effective screening, management, treatment and care, and is making this possible through:

  • providing a national, dedicated focus to perinatal mental health
  • the development of strong, strategic partnerships
  • supporting research to inform the most effective and efficient approaches to treatment and intervention
  • investment and an ongoing commitment to improving outcomes for mothers, fathers, infants and future generations.

Community Midwifery Program

The Community Midwifery Program is a unique service available to Perth women experiencing a low risk pregnancy. Protecting, promoting and supporting normal birth with a high percentage of our clients choosing to give birth in water. The program provides safe, evidence-based, continuity of care from known midwives throughout pregnancy, labour, birth and up to two weeks postnatally. This is a publicly funded service, managed by King Edward Memorial Hospital. The program follows evidence based policies and guidelines to ensure safe outcomes, including the WA Health Policy for Publicly Funded Homebirths.


Online Childbirth Classes for the Dad to be
Anytime, Anywhere*
Dads to be, you will:
> Have all of your concerns answered before the big day.
> Feel calm and confident during the birth.
> Know how to advocate for your partner and baby.

Mums to be, you will:
> Have a partner who is calm and prepared.
> Be able to labour worry-free, knowing he’s OK.
> Know you can rely on him to help you with pain coping.

Department of Health – Having a Baby

At Having a Baby, find articles relating to having a baby, including what to consider before becoming pregnant, pregnancy and birth and after your baby is born. Information in other languages is available from Women and Newborn Health Services and the Women and Newborn Health Library.

Health Direct – Pregnancy, Birth and Baby

Supporting parents on the journey from pregnancy to preschool. Get the guidance and reassurance you need about developmental and behavioural concerns from maternal child health nurses or talk to counsellors for emotional support.

Horizon House

St John of God Horizon House provides stability and support for vulnerable young people aged 16 to 22 years old to help them set and achieve their goals and independence. Providing a range of long term accommodation options for young people who need support and assistance to establish and maintain their independence.

King Edward Memorial Hospital

KEMH is part of the Women and Newborn Health Service and cares for women of all ages and life stages and newborns. It is WA’s main public obstetric, gynaecology, perinatal mental health and neonatal hospital.

KEMH and its staff are dedicated to: evidence-based, best-practice, patient-centred care,
innovative translational research, education and support of health-care practitioners state-wide, closing the gap in health to achieve equality for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians (see our Reconciliation Action Plan).

Moort Boodjari Mia

The St John of God Midland Public Hospital service delivers a community based perinatal (antenatal and postnatal) service for the Aboriginal community. Moort Boodjari Mia helps women to achieve good health outcomes for themselves and their baby and provides education on pregnancy, health and parenting in a culturally appropriate manner. Moort Boodjari Mia aims to improve the pregnancy journey for Aboriginal women and their families and provide support to reduce any risk factors such as smoking and other substance use. Working with family members whenever possible recognising that mothers, grandmothers and aunties have an important role in caring for pregnant women in Aboriginal culture. Children are often raised by the whole family rather than a single carer and our approach supports this practice.

Ngala – Parenting with Confidence

Ngala is a provider of Early Parenting and Early Childhood services with a passion for supporting and guiding families and young children through the journey of parenting.

Pregnancy Problem House

Finding out that you’re pregnant can be difficult, even when life is going well. When the timing isn’t right, or there are problems to face, it can be confusing, frustrating, frightening, even overwhelming. The stress and emotions can make it tough to think clearly, get good information and make good decisions. There can be pressure from people, circumstances, and even inside yourself. If you’re struggling, please know you are not alone. Pregnancy Problem House specializes in helping women and couples find solutions, offering non-judgmental understanding, accurate information, and personalised care.

St John of God Raphael Services

Raphael Services provide specialist services to mums, dads and families who are experiencing anxiety, depression and other mental health issues during pregnancy and following childbirth (the perinatal period). Services can be accessed from the time you become pregnant until your child is four years old.

Virtual Medical Centre – Complications of Pregnancy

Information about complications that may occur during pregnancy, including Ectopic Pregnancy, Placenta praevia, Placental abruption, Placenta accreta, Preeclampsia, Gestational diabetes mellitus, Premature labour and Epilepsy.

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