General Provisions Reference Guide

In July 2011 the WA government produced the document “Delivering Community Service in Partnership Policy” to provide direction on key aspects of government procurement (the purchasing of government services). This heralds a new arrangement between the WA State government and all agencies delivering services to the public of Western Australia.

State government departments began working through the process of standardizing the legal arrangements for services to be delivered, and held workshops to encourage service providers to examine their own costs and begin a new business orientated focus on quality management, reporting, and sustainability. The focus is on outcomes for the vulnerable and reducing the administrative burden on not-for-profit agencies in delivering services.

This Reference Guide is intended to outline some of the questions that might arise as an organization works through these changes. It will not fulfill every need for every organization but is intended to provide information and checklists to assist the service provider in successfully navigating the process of tendering for services and successfully fulfilling their obligations to provide services effectively and efficiently in partnership with the government sector.

This project was funded through a Capacity Building Grant from the WA Association for Mental Health. We thank those agencies who assisted in its preparation and our legal consultants Avon Legal for their professional guidance in the preparation of the document.

General Provisions Reference Guide

Delivering Community Services in Partnership Policy

General Provisions Feb 2012